The most wonderful thing god created in humans – Expressions.
Where do these expressions come from? The thoughts in your mind are the creators of these powerful entities which carries enormous feelings of human mind, and whose nature is to influence the approach towards life…

Some things are just beyond imagination. But human minds have no limits. It can think to newer extents, beyond imaginations. All this is done via thinking and thoughts. Thoughts are the mediators between you and your imagination. These thoughts have immense power in them. That much power that the whole universe is controlled by them indirectly. These thoughts indeed can change the way of living, our perception towards life and towards the people who cherish it by their presence….

Some of you might think what exactly is going to be the genre/context of this blog? To be true, I couldn’t decide! You will find here, fiction, non fiction, literature and what not. It’s just a step to incline the readers towards the deep hidden truths, thoughts and experiences of human minds in as simple words as can be.

This blog, being my first writing opportunity is very close to my heart. I am glad that I got this opportunity that I can share my feelings, my thoughts by the medium of this blog with all the readers. The comment box is open for all kinds of compliments and criticisms. I would be also obliged to receive any kind of suggestions. And there we go, Enjoy the blog!!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. A lovely introduction to your blog, which I discovered via the cherished blogfest which I’m one of the co-hosts along with Damyanti… so pleased you’re taking part, and glad to have discovered your blog…

    Regards, Paul…


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