Are you thinking too much?

Excess of anything is bad. Be it either materialistic or un-materialistic.

Thinking works in the same way. It lets you give shape to your ideas. But once addicted, it can destroy them as well.

Okay so I am directly pointing towards “Overthinking”

Everyone is stressed nowadays. Tension from business, relations, personal life etc is taking over people’s minds way too much. It leads to, obviously, overthinking.

This particular term not only makes the situation difficult to handle but makes your mind wander in infinite and create those dummy situations which, in reality, doesn’t even exist.

This is coming from the person who once thought a lot. And when I say a lot, I actually mean it. But of course then I realized, this isn’t worth it at all. Every time I confronted the situation and analysed it again, I found it totally different in terms of what I over-thought it to be. It was much easier to solve and take care of. Overthinking made me think about the situations so damn much that my mind made it look like a big asteroid pacing towards me, ready to hit me on my head. But the truth was not such.

That is what is does.

Now, the thing comes up of how to stop this habit. And trust me, it’s not very hard.

The first thing that should be done is to draw a line of where thinking ends, and where overthinking starts. Whenever you feel like you’re thinking too much, say STOP. And stop thinking about it anymore. This is the major step that anyone can take to stop this filthy habit. Whenever I feel like I am thinking too much, a loud voice comes from inside my head saying “Stop it you. You’re overthinking…” And that’s when I stop thinking about it anymore. It seriously helps.

And another thing you can do is meditate. I know it’s a very cliched method but it makes a difference.

So, try it. Don’t sit back thinking about useless situations anymore. Stop overthinking that makes every situation worse than it already is.



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