You Only Live Once…

Hey Guys!!

Today, what I am gonna talk about is actually what I’ve seen and felt a lot lately.

I am a kind of person who likes to talk to people a lot. Sharing experiences, hearing what they have to say. It feels good to actually have someone to talk to. Listening to them makes me learn a lot of things and experience the unexperienced.

While interacting with some of the people who are close to me, what I have continuously noticed is that there are some uncertain reasons which keep them bothering every now and then. They remain confused and unhappening. Ok depression is a different thing, but continuous bothering by something is also not good at all.

And because of this, they stop enjoying what they are ought to. They keep thinking about the same things again and again and put themselves in a state where they enjoy nothing anymore.  And that thing is actually becoming very common. What they fail to understand is that it is meant to be this way.

Some things are definitely supposed to be like this only. You will have competitors, you will have enemies, you will have haters, you will have back-bitchers, you will have obstacles. And that’s how it’s meant to be. Because no one in this world lives with just a positive atmosphere every damn time. Where there is positive, negative is bound to be there. That’s how  everything gets neutral.

The point is that there will be endless small things that might bother you. There will be people. There will be situations. Dilemmas. There might be a lot of choices to be made. But remember, you HAVE A CHOICE TO MAKE.

Things after things will keep happening. And those things will not only teach you some of the important values in life, but they will compel you in believing that they cannot be controlled. They cannot be tamed. No matter what, you can do nothing in order to prevent those situations from happening. So when you know you can’t do anything, what’s the point in frowning over those things? What is the point in thinking about the same things again and again and spoil your mood and aura every damn time? Why don’t you plan the future instead? Why don’t you mend the situation that is bound to happen in your own good?

Do you laugh at the same joke again and again?

That’s a clear NO…

Then why do you think about the uncontrollable again and again and spoil your mood?

Ever thought that way? Now you should. JUST STRIVE…!!!

Find mind peace. Take your attention off those things and elements that bother you. Spend time with those who are near you and care for you. Value what you already have. Find solitude in your own soul. Things and situations are not going to stay with you, but your mind, heart and soul will. Why not work towards making them strong and tolerable?

There is absolutely no need in wasting your precious time over petty issues and people who just want to be an obstacle in your way. Find a different route to live your life and ignore those obstacles. You have to get through it.

In the words of Lilly Singh ( One of my inspirations ), and I quote –

Fighting for happiness is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life.

But happiness is the only thing WORTH fighting for.

You only live once my friends. Live your life with utmost happiness. Because it’s only you who can bring a change in your own life.

And trust me, it’s gonna be WORTH IT…




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