Time To Do It Now…

Greetings Everyone!!

It’s Christmas Eve 🙂

Merry Christmas Everyone 🙂 🙂

Every one of you would be busy in enjoying your holidays, buying gifts and decorating your households for the mega feast tomorrow. Isn’t it?

The New Year is also nearby. So many things to do. So much planning for the next year. How it’s gonna be, how we would like it to be, what new we would be doing this new year, buying new stuff for the house, new clothes, and not to forget that new language you thought of learning but couldn’t. So many things but so little time.

Somewhere in the back of all this, lies those “vows” you thought of doing last year, last to last year, and probably earlier than that as well. Yes, I am talking about New Year Resolutions.

These are the things we always think of doing but always forget, or lose interest in doing eventually.

Last year, I planned to gym. Be a muscular guy and all that stuff. I thought of going on a strict diet for some time to lose some of my body weight. Did I do it?


It happens. I lost interest in it. I got so much busy I thought I would do it next year. The truth is I had been trying to do it since past 2 years. :p

But obviously, no time for it. PRIORITIES…

You would also have similar conditions, right?

Well, I guess it’s now time to start. And be more determined to do them. No more sitting back, no more waiting, no more excuses of why you can’t do it. Time to get back up and start doing it.

Right NOW…

Plan what you want to improve in yourself. Jot down all the points, put up reminders, download all necessary apps ( Not recommended if you’re a mobile addict 😛 ) to help you get back to your daily schedule and some mind-blowing inspiration to do what you aspire for doing this new season.

And don’t wait till the new year. Start right now. Be prepared from the very start.

There might be a lot of things or habits of yours, you would get irritated of. And would be thinking of leaving. So why wait? It’s a good time to start doing it.

Theoretically, it takes about 66 days to form or leave a habit. Make your schedule from today itself and start following or trying to leave the habit. Make a day plan. Cross off every successful day. Try starting with a small target. Gift yourself something after completing that target. Then extend it further.

Meditate regularly. It’s gonna help too. (Helped me a lot)

So, It’s time to do it now. Think of it and do it. 😉

Fill this new 365 day book of yours with fun and exciting things you always thought of doing but couldn’t. Be determined. This time, you will do it. Absolutely.

And Enjoy 😀 😀

Happy Holidays Everyone…. 🙂

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…. 🙂 🙂



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