Changes Are Good

Don’t be afraid of change. You may end up losing something good, but you will probably end up gaining something better.

Nothing is permanent in this world. Everything keeps changing the way they are. Things change, people change, and we also change. We change the way we perceive things. We change the way we think, the way we behave. And it’s a common aspect of life. But sometimes, very threatening.

From my experiences, I have always been very afraid of the changes. That might be because I get overly attached to the situations I stay in. And it’s human tendency to preserve the ways in which they live and like. You may also have experienced the same in some or the other point of time. We get so attached to the current situations that experiencing changes feel like coming out of your comfort zone. And real life starts when you come out of your comfort zone.

As I said, I was afraid of changes taking place. I still am. I fear changes. I like staying in my zone where nothing changes. I wish if I lived in that ideal world where everything stood still. Preserved in its own being. Beyond that boundary line which isolates you from what lies ahead, starts the real life. And changes are what makes it.

But, it’s obvious that we have to come in terms with the things evolving. We have no choice. It is a lot difficult to keep yourself on the edge and resisting what is going to happen in any way. And you can do nothing about it. Everything you know is transient. Relations, things, people, priorities, everything. Sooner or later you will realize the things turning to a different point. No matter how much you try to keep them unchanged, you will have to come in balance and let things go. Some things aren’t meant to be controlled, hold on to. They go the way they are ought to be.

You will see people changing their priorities. They start spending more time with others and start giving less importance to you the way they did earlier. Not even that, The way they talk to you changes. They tend to keep themselves busy with other works and people. And the worst feeling, they won’t even realize. This leads to a weaker relationship. Fading away just like merging colors on an autumn leaf.

Well, the point of this post isn’t ranting about the things that are not in your hands. The point is despite all these things happening, despite all the shuffling, the way to cope is to find the sunlight beyond the messed up horizon. It’s okay if the things are messing up more than expected. It’s okay if people are drifting apart. People come in your life with a purpose. Some stay some leave. Some people come in your life to teach you something. And when their work is done, they leave. Some people come in your life, simply to teach you what is it like to live the life with changes. And they indeed become a part of it.

Changes fit in you some deep values and lessons of being much stronger. To face the situations that you might face in future. And you must welcome them. Even I have come in terms with this phenom. If it’s not meant to be, then something much better is scheduled to take place in your life. And it’s worth waiting for. Not even that, even you need to change the way you live. Your priorities define what you are. Changing them to the best will make you the best. Giving priority to the people who care for you and love you is the most valuable change you will make for yourself. What else a person needs if he gets love from the people he is surrounded with?

So welcome the changes in your life. They make you wise.


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