A Time To End…

Life goes on. You grow. You learn. And soon you become someone with your own identity, your own stand. Time passes quite fast. There are a lot of things that you wish to achieve or learn during that specific time. But sometimes, that time isn’t enough for everything you wish to learn.

There is a lot much going in my life lately. It finally happened, I procured a job. One more step towards being independent. A few months and then I will be all by myself. In a few months, my college life would get over. I will have to leave behind all the happy times I had in the college and the people I am so close to. Nothing is permanent. Everything changes. And this truth of life has got my mind in its cover since a long time.

I still remember the first day of my college. So innocent we were when we entered that phase of our lives that was about to turn us towards the way of growth and self-independence. But didn’t imagine that day would come so soon.

Though I am happy for myself, there are other things, other feelings that have encapsulated my mind. Fortunately, this time I kinda know what that is. Sorry, what THEY ARE to be exact.

Firstly, the fear of leaving everything behind is the biggest issue I am having. I know I have to leave everything behind and a few days back I thought I was prepared of it. But I was wrong. As the time is coming closer, I am feeling more and more like the life collapsing. I am that kind of person that can’t stay alone for long time. I always want someone by my side. And moving on in a new era of life particularly indicates leaving behind all the good relations that I made. Nobody knows where I would be tomorrow or where they would be in a few days. It might seem over exaggerated, but that’s what I feel.

Sometimes I feel I am over thinking about it. I mean, come on. It’s just a job. Just an end to college that I mostly hated because of tiring work and projects they gave me. And those examinations. Urghh. Makes me angry every time I talk about them. But, not to forget, this college has also given me a lot of good experiences, and a lot of good friends that I can’t lose. But as now I have to leave it in a few days, it makes me feel sad.

Secondly, during my time at the college, I had a few feuds also with certain people who I don’t think I would ever like to see in my life again. In every possible phase of life, there are people who annoy you to the worst. I don’t think I am still ready to handle this kind of people till yet. Okay, I am polite. But if the water goes above my head, I make sure the other side never bothers me from the next time. And handling this kind of people is certainly out of my league. I need to learn how to control them.

No one is perfect. Having shortcomings is totally normal. But the person who takes the control over these shortcomings is termed the best. These four years have taught me a lot. To be true, these four years have been the best in my life. I got to know who I was in reality and how to overcome my shortcomings. Not only this, this time made me improve what I was good at. And I am satisfied. But as the time moves on now to a new path of life, it makes me realise that to be a better human being and to be a better professional, you need to keep learning. Learning never ends.

With these words, I think every time I would read this passage, my mind would get inspired enough to start learning more, to start improving more and to start remembering more. This time of mine has been the best. And to keep growing, this time needs to get encapsulated in a picture with a thousand words. But even a thousand words aren’t enough to describe my time in college. I wish I would be able to overcome my shortcomings in the near.



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