Who Endows The World…


She woke up from half sleep. Cleaning the dripping sweat and the bleeding scar near her eye with the corner of her saree.

Hastened to make a morning meal for her husband and five sons.

It’s true. Certain words make you understand a thousand situations. And these words above isn’t fiction. It’s a truth. The sad truth and reality behind the curtains of the theatre which is someone’s world. And those people, the actors.

We say we are developing. Developing in the economy, infrastructure, human resources etc. Globalization has made its way in to connect the globe in all aspects. We can see the fusion in cultures everywhere. Where odd inspires the odd. But beyond this turn, what lies unchanged are the cliched, sick and orthodox values and customs. And unfortunately, the entity of “Women” has got itself buried under the weight of these unruly beliefs.

Chauvinism has taken over the society suppressing the roles of women. It makes me sad when I think that unethical activities such as female foeticide, the act of dowry, domestic violence and many more still exists in the remote. It really breaks my heart whenever I see any news related to such incidents happening in daily life. The human inside of us humans is lost. Lost and gone somewhere very far.

Where do we go wrong? We the people have not let any opportunity pass by when it comes to discovering new things and developing infrastructure. But we failed to develop those moral values. We failed to realize that power of women, that endows us, that endows this world.

And that power is phenomenal. And I salute that power.


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