A New Achievement…

It’s been a good time since I started my blog and tried to express myself on this medium. It was a completely new venture in my life and I didn’t know if I would be able to keep up the pace with it or not. Since the first day of the start, it had been my favorite leisure time activity so far. As I got a medium where I could write anything that came to my mind, that mattered to me.

Many people still ask me, Why do you write blogs? Why don’t you simply write a diary? Why did you choose to write on a public platform rather than keeping it private? There are many reasons for it.

First one being that I wanted to write and express my feelings where no one could judge me. At a time, I have so many things roaming around in my mind, that I feel like writing about my feelings, the things that bother me, so that I can relax and still expect no one to judge me for it. And so far, social media, especially WordPress has been a very favourable companion to me. I have an open platform to write and share what’s in my mind without getting judged.

Secondly, I had been inspired by many people, who have brought a feeling of bringing a change into other people’s life in me. And because of that reason, I thought I can contribute to it in my way. And found blogging to be the best medium for it. All over the world, a negligibly small portion of people who read my blog, if gets even a tad bit affected, or touched, or thinks of changing and living a positive lifestyle, I would consider myself lucky and blessed to have contributed for it.


Setting apart the reasons, the blogosphere had been very appreciating to my works and I feel glad for it. Not only this, but the ongoing interaction with people of various spheres of life is the best part that I enjoy in blogging. I am gratified from the bottom of my heart by the appreciation you all have shown me in such a short period of my blogging. Today, I completed a total of 100 likes on my blog, A Thought of Mind. It’s been a very enriching experience for me and I have pledged to work hard even more and learn and write the best I can.

A big thanks to all my readers.
Sarthak Khurana


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