Tired I am…


Tired I am,
to see the same,
to hear the same,
to feel the same.

Tired I am,
to go through,
the hazy ways of life.

Tired I am,
feeling worthless,
for all the things I have.

Tired I am.
to think,
again and again,
for happiness.

Tired I am,
mending my virtue,
towards the best,
then fail.

Tired I am,
expecting the unexpected,
in hope for a change,
that never happens.

Tired I am,
of my path,
towards nowhere.

Tired I am,
of searching,
the unsearchable.

Tired I am,
of living the same way,
But I want to change,
I want to learn,
I want to go,
the place where,
magic happens,
destiny awaits.

Because I am tired…


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