LIEBSTER AWARD- My First Nomination

A big shout-out to Snehamy blogging friend for nominating me in her post for LIEBSTER AWARD for discovering new and upcoming blogs. I am glad to find that my contribution in this blogosphere has been finding new ways and companions to itself. I never thought that  my words would ever be able to touch someone’s heart. I feel myself blessed with a whole new enthusiasm and aspiration to write more eloquently with a dream to inspire others. Thank you so much to my readers and fellow bloggers for worthy appreciation. Thank You Sneha, again, for nominating me, for my very first nomination.

 And now, coming to the rules. Here are some rules I was asked to follow-up.

Reading the rules first, made me excited as to what questions would I get to answer. and here are those questions with their respective answers that Sneha asked me 🙂

Describe yourself in five words Friendly, Courteous, Philosophical, Sincere, Honest

What would be your dream job – The job that gives me enough challenges to grow and to improve myself. I love talking to people and share their experiences. So the job that fulfills all these aspects would be my dream job. And yes, not to forget, it fills up my garage with Lamborghinis 😀

Three things without which you wont step out – My wallet, Metro card, and my Watch

One good and one bad thing about blogging – One good thing about blogging, which is my favorite too, is the interaction with fellow bloggers. Their comments and appreciations always make me joyous.
Coming to the bad thing, it’s gonna be the never-ending search for new topics to write upon every week. I wish I had them all figured out at once.

Who all in your family – My Parents, my Brother, Grandma and my Buaji (Aunt) 

Three things in your bucket list – 1. To always be surrounded by true friends, who would always be there with me during my best and my worst.
2. To be able to serve people with full devotion and to make them happy.
3. Inspire others and be a part of change in their lives. 

What are you most scared about – Losing people I am close to. I am a senseless carer of people who are close to me. I can never think of losing them. I want them to be locked in the vault of my heart forever. 

Your country and another country you want to visit – I am a resident of the land of diversity, India. I want to visit the most romantic country in the world, France. 

Your favorite quote – Pain demands to be felt…

How do you spend your weekend mostly – Reading books and spending time with my friends, going out to new places, is how I spend most of the time on weekends. 

How to cope up from a break up – Well, to be true, I don’t have an answer to this question. I am still trying to move on and I have never found an effective way for it. But, what I have learnt from my experience is that, your friends will always show you the right ways. Spending quality time with them, will surely make you forget about your past. They love you the way you are 🙂

 11 Facts about me : 

  • I love making lots and lots of friends. And my friends are my life.
  • I have a very bad habit of over thinking.
  • An activity I never get tired of doing is YouTubing. I am always watching some or the other videos on YouTube
  • Horror is my Genre. Been a die-hard horror fan since the very start. I like horror movies, documentaries, series and what not.
  • I love collecting foreign currency.
  • Supercar fan. Woah, I mean literally a mad supercar lover.
  • A big, big and big mobile freak. Any new model comes up, I want it in my hands right away.
  • I hate backbitchers
  • I had always believed that small things in life, that we people mostly do not consider, are the ones that bring about a change. Be it your personal life, relations or professional aspects.
  • Bring back Jon Snow!! GOT for life!!
  • I always like making people feel special. Specially my near dear ones.

And now, my questions to the nominees :

  1. Which three people have inspired you the most in your life and how?
  2. What’s your best writing place and mood?
  3. If you could dedicate your blog to someone, who would it be?
  4. Your best memory so far.
  5. What is the thing you hate the most?
  6. What kind of quality do you expect to see in a person when you first meet him/her?
  7. 5 things you badly want right now?
  8. One of your worthy values you have learnt in your experience?
  9. Story behind your blog?
  10. Your worst nightmare or thought.
  11. Your views about the word “Positive”

And my nominees for this award are:

  1. Shuchita Anand
  2. Photographic Therapy
  3. Scribbles@Arpita
  4. Unpredictable Life
  5. Writing Destinee

Thank you again Sneha for nominating me for this award. And my best wishes to all the nominees and the readers of my blog 🙂


3 thoughts on “LIEBSTER AWARD- My First Nomination

  1. Hey Sarthak.. thanks for acknowledging..It was lovely reading your answers..!!! And yeah we got something to talk about together now #GameofThrones 🙂 We should definitely write a post on GOT and Jon Snow would be a great idea !!!
    All the best for your future blogs and lets keep rocking!!! love!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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