You Can Do It…

I have seen many kind of people. I have seen confident and firm personalities, I have seen proud and arrogant characters, and I have also seen fragile and weak people too. These people struggle in their everyday life. Constantly underestimating themselves and suppressing themselves under the heavy load of inferiority. Scared of what people would think, they never indulge themselves in anything new. Keeping themselves busy in their own grey matter. Introverts or loners what we call them.

Is it their own choice to choose a totally different and restricted lifestyle for themselves? I had always thought of this thing. It might be the reason that due to lack of confidence, they might have not got a chance to engage themselves in social life. Fear of being laughed at, or doing something that would make them a source of enjoyment for others might have kept them restricted to their own world. It’s true that sometimes people don’t have that space or environment where they can be what they want to be. Or should I say, they don’t get that much exposure to which they can relate to, to which they can present themselves as a confident individual.

A very important part of life is to have a distinct personality, a personality that is adored by all. Having an image that distinguishes itself from the mundane ensures that yes you are on the right path. One way of growing yourself as a human being is to have a personality that stands out of the crowd. But some people fail to do so.

They can be changed. Just think. These people do not have an inspiration, that spark to change themselves. Everything needs a push. They too. And WHO will give them that inspiration to change?

I would now share an incident that happened today itself, that would probably explain everything.

Our placement training is going on now a days in college. It’s really important for us to attend it as we people are getting trained of how to delve and carve ourselves as professionals. We are getting trained on every aspect of professional life, be it hard skills or soft skills.

Since past few days of training, I have been noticing a guy who always sits alone. He talks to none. Interacts to none. Our trainer had given us an assignment to prepare and to present it in front of the whole group. The main aim for this activity was only to enhance our confidence and to lessen any stage fears.

The trainer called up that guy to present his part in front of the group. He stood up with a stark fear in his eyes. Probably had made up pre-notions that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Minutes passed by but the guy wasn’t able to speak any more than 5-6 lines. The strangest thing was, the assignment that we were asked to present was SELF INTRODUCTION. He couldn’t even introduce himself.

Imagine such a situation. What kind of reaction would you expect from the audience in such a scenario? Obviously, people laughing and making fun of him. But, something opposite happened.

The whole class clapped and appreciated him for trying to speak. Every person in that room literally clapped to boost his morale. And after this gesture, what I could note was his teary eyes. Without any hesitation, he spoke “Sir, I know I did a bad job. I want to try again. Give me some time. And I would prepare well for it and will speak again.

Clearly, A small appreciating gesture gave so much confidence to him, that he himself accepted the challenge of speaking well in public and eliminating his stage fear.

All they need is appreciation. All they need is someone to support them. All they need is someone to inspire them. All they need is a reason, a reason to change. And as their colleagues, as their friends, as a human first, it’s our responsibility to do the same. It’s a good chance to inspire others, to make their lives better. It’s a chance to prove yourself, that yes, you can be a part of the change in someway or the other. It’s a chance to make others happy. It’s a chance for yourself to improve and grow. It’s a chance to change the others and yourself. It’s a chance to be the part of the change. Don’t miss it. Be Strong, Have confidence…


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