Unexplainable Things…

It’s been so many days since I have written anything. It happens very less with me but now a days my mind is occupied with a lot of things. A lot of things I need to take care of. All my time, my energy, and my thinking capability is getting exploited because of all these things which flash in front of my eyes whenever I start doing anything. From past 5 days, I have been trying to write an article but my mind is blocked. Haven’t written anything more than 10 lines.

The most strangest part is that these things are unexplainable. Breaking relationships, getting ignored, career choice, placements, course issues and what not. Everything is totally messed up in my mind. Things are mixing up with each other and this “Thought-shake” is giving me so much stress.

Sometimes, I feel what should I do with it. These things are putting me up in a dilemma. To either go and break the habit of thinking about these problems and to go with the flow, that would also make my life more miserable. Or either go and tackle each problem individually which will take an eternity to go through with.

Out of a lot of values and lessons I have learnt in life, one is most important for me. And that is being positive. But in this situation, being positive is also not being helping. It’s a weird feeling for me. I am always surrounded by people, yet I feel lonely. Somebody has truly said that even after being surrounded by people, and at the end of the day, if you have no one to share your feelings with, that’s when you will feel the most lonely.

I am feeling like I need someone right now. I need someone who comes up to me and says Sarthak! I love you for being Sarthak. I am missing that friend talk right now. It feels like I don’t know how to live my life anymore.


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