Why So Negative?

Okay. So this post might offend some people. But my intention is not to offend anyone, but to tell them of how certain things you adapt in life can influence your personality and the people around you. Is that my job? No, definitely not. But, it’s seriously strange that at every instant I find some or the other thing that makes me want to tell the world about, probably that’s my obsession, or I am like that. Who knows?

Coming to the point, which is BTW very vast and deep in my mind, but let’s see how much depth my words can allow me to go to. I had been observing many people lately. Even my past experiences with people of different spheres of life, at different times had also proved this one simple fact. Around 70% of the people are attracted towards negative things and habits. Wantingly, Unwantingly, Experimentally, almost a majority of people are always attracted towards negative things.

Talking about the negative things, the pace by which they are gaining momentum is lightning fast. Apart from radiating a feeling of negativity, they make me feel suffocated and frustrated. It feels like, even though I am living in such a big world, full of possibilities, there’s so much less space where I can fit into without tackling the enormous waves of negativity and people with bad habits. Everywhere I go I see people bullying each other, bitching about other people, drinking, smoking, swearing, ego issues, pride, hatred and what not. And this somewhere also includes pessimism. A world full of pessimists.

I often meet people with very casual approach to everything. Okay, having casual approach at some places might be very beneficial for some. But, it must be true to some extent. People tell me that you should have experience of some weird things in your life. So that you know how it affects you. But in my opinion, that experience should not turn up to become a habit.

Every coin has two sides. It’s true that wherever positivity is there, negativity is bound to follow-up. I would personally like to live up in a world full of positivity, without any hatred, without negative bunches. But the reality is a mirror, showing opposite ways.

If anyone of you has read the book- The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, you must be aware of the universal rule of attraction. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative (That’s not the rule of magnetism). Positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts. And negative thoughts obviously attract the negative thoughts. And not to forget, the negative company. My personal thinking is that God has made a lot of beautiful things in the world. A lot of amazing things to enjoy. Rather than adapting negative and nasty things and habits in the life, people should focus more towards the positive things, and try to find out what positivity have for them in return.

My words aren’t enough to spark the change, the words of your own conscience are…

What consumes your mind, controls your life. It works both ways, negative and positive thoughts.

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