Life Goes On…

Everyone in life experiences setbacks. Some of these unruly events are harsh to suffer. They start controlling your mood and your activities. They lead to depression. Even I had a major setback in my life recently. To be fortunate, I still have managed to let depression stay away from me. But the pain is real.

Since the day I took my first step into my college life, I had always learnt something new, something of value. I found some people who are always there for me. I have experienced a lot of things that have led to my growth and made me mentally strong enough to face the challenges in my life. Most of you probably have experienced the same as I had. Then I asked myself, if I already had these experiences, if I knew what kind of challenges I am going to face in future, then why the hell I can’t move on. Why is it hurting me so bad?

I thought and thought. There was something big I realized. Till now, I used to believe that losing something or someone is the hardest thing in your life. But I was wrong. Forgetting the most precious and affectionate memories of someone with whom you spent the most happiest and loveliest days of your life is more hard. It seems like you’re fighting with the whole eternity to find your ways towards nowhere. You have no aim, you have no self conscience, and the biggest of all, that you have no destination to reach.

Even after experiencing such kind of atrocities, we have to move on. Seriously a difficult pathway. There are a lot of things that stop us from moving on. Those repeated thoughts hovering over our minds, memories of those times filling our grey matter. To be true, be there any number of reasons, there is no need of clinging on to the past and keep thinking about it. Some or the other day, we have to take it off the hook.

I feel like its been a very high time for me learning this universal truth. And finally I did. And I feel happy to know how exactly I can move on from certain situations. We people just need to focus on our happiness. Life is the biggest happiness we have got. So why not enjoy it. Because it waits for none. Another lesson learnt today. Enjoy with the people who are always there for you. Forget those who hurt.

Stop Thinking
Stop Crying
Start Living


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