Cherished Blogfest: A Cherished Gift…

Memories are a beautiful part of our lives. There are certain moments, certain objects that form the most precious memories of our life. And when these memories are related to the special people in your life, it becomes indispensable and close to your heart.

As I had always believed how small things sometimes make bigger memories and inspirations, there was one similar thing, rather a small gift from my friend that made me realize so much. My friend gifted me this previous year. And since then it has become the most cherished object of mine. Not because it was a gift, but because they were feelings of an unbreakable bond of friendship and a gesture to keep it for lifetime.

It is a wooden key-chain that my friend gifted me. It has a printed message on it- You Are The Best Friend On The Earth.

My Most Cherished Object...
My Most Cherished Object…

This little gift made my day. It was the feeling that mattered to me. As I said, big things never matter, small things does. This small gesture made me realize how important our friendship was. Materialistic things never give you happiness that you want in your life, the people who stay with you and love you surely do. And that thing made me happy. And deep in my heart, I know that this gift wasn’t small, it was huge. Huge to have made me realize the true worth of the word “FRIENDSHIP”

It’s just a wooden object. Maybe made by someone who works day and night in making these small things unaware of what his product might mean for someone to whom it was gifted. It means a lot to me. That little thing in itself taught me the value of those crevices of life that are filled with small joyous moments.

Doesn’t matter how much we fight with each other, be it totally insane, but the way I have understood our bond, I don’t think anyone or anything would ever be able to break this bond of our lifelong friendship. And it was one of the best memory I have that I will never forget.  I have always loved you and will keep loving you my friend, till the day I die.

P.S. This post is written as a contribution for the “Cherished Blogfest” hosted by Dan AntionDamyanti BiswasPaul RuddockPeter NenaSharukh Bamboat.

The Cherished Blogfest
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9 thoughts on “Cherished Blogfest: A Cherished Gift…

  1. A true friend is one to be cherished forever. You are indeed fortunate to know that you have a true friend who will be with you always. Thank you for sharing this for the Cherished Blogfest. Cinda


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