People Do Change…

It’s surprising how people change. The ones with whom we share the most important and lovable time of our lives, creating and cherishing memories, acknowledging each other’s talks and what not. It’s good to have someone you care for and get cared by. The people with whom you would share your thoughts and feelings and worries, knowing that the other person will stand by you in your best and the worst. The people who mean everything for you. The people you have expectations from.

But, that time is transient.

With time, they think their life is becoming monotonous. They acknowledge what you share with them but they stop caring after they get bored of listening it again and again. It’s not even their mistake. It’s human nature to avoid monotonic activities in life, to be more positive and fresh. And that’s the time when you stop telling or sharing anything with them. Your experiences, your sorrows, your happiness remains in you. And there is nothing you can do about it.

You wear a mask. A mask of fake smile. A mask of fake happiness. A mask that hides what you are actually from within and what are you becoming lately. You keep all the things and feelings to yourself because they don’t care now. And soon you realize that keeping things to yourself is the best. They want something more with their lives which you fail to give them. And that’s the reason why they start to drift apart.

People change. People leave. All you get left with are memories. Good sweet memories which you never forget.

The people who actually care will not leave you till the end. The people who wants you in their life will make an effort to stay in. You yourself know whats best for you. With coming maturity, we all get the ability to realize who will stay with us and who will not. Don’t suppress yourself to anyone’s entertainment. Make a wise choice and surround yourself with people who care.


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