The “Secret” Project

There had been some  things I have always desired to do. I always thought and thought and thought but failed to make my mind for doing it. Recently, I had this idea of a project, though of smaller scope, but yes a considerable deal for me. This project is very demanding. It demands time, energy, efforts, bit of funds and the most important thing and that is desire.

I had always thought of doing something for people I care the most. Made my mind run towards every possible way of making  them feel special and a lovely part of my life. Be it my family, friends, close relations, I care for them the most. And through this project, I was sure I could make some of them feel that my life is incomplete without them.

So, no turning back. I took the challenge to see how far my desire and my determination can go with it. And now I am ready to let my hands on with this project. My expectations from this project are good. And I know I can’t go anywhere wrong in working for this project.

With proud feelings, I have decided to impart my knowledge and a glimpse of my love and affection for the special ones in this project. And I hope it turns out to be the best for them as well as for me. I have a lot of excitement with this project On-Board now. And I wish to turn this excitement in a well cherished memory as this journey starts.



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