When You Lose Your “Someone”

There are a lot of things that are not in our hands. Doesn’t matter how much we try, those things are always out of our bounds to be controlled by us. These uncontrollable things starts governing our life, our moods, our activities. And the worst part comes when the thing you love the most, is snatched away from you by these uncontrollable forces and you’re left alone, engrossing yourself in the thoughts like Why always me?

“Things” I mentioned, they would probably be “Someone” in most of our lives. For the first time, when we meet that someone, it feels like whatever we have lost has come back to us. It’s that special unexplainable feel of affection we get. Soon, that someone becomes the one we love, we adore, and who loves you back. That someone becomes our day and night. Our whole world starts revolving around that special someone.

2remember when you ask yourself why it didnt work. Just let it go. Sometimes things are not destined to happen. Dont torture yourself, and remember you had the opportunity to meet something beautiful. Perhaps it was beautiful because of you, nothing more...

Just when we feel everything in our life is getting to it’s place, the wind changes it’s way and starts blowing to the opposite direction. The uncontrollable happens.  The wind, with itself, takes away the most special someone from our lives. The fierce forces of fate get back on us with all their power rendering us alone, weak and all sobbing. And this farewell breaks us to our deep.

Almost all of us have been to this point where we have lost someone we loved the most. Either they said goodbye to us or either nature took them away from us without the last goodbye and giving us the worst time of our lives. It feels like we’re lonely, lonely in the world where thousands of people surrounds us at every instant. And all that is left with us are memories, sweet memories.

He lost someone who loved him completely... you only lost an idea of love.

Everything which comes to our lives has to go someday. Be it materialistic or be it the person you love the most.  The time we are supposed to spend with the someone is fixed. And I guess, we have to move on with it. That’s the rule of life, showing you and making you stronger, stronger than ever.


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