F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Are What Makes Me…

There are a lot of people we meet daily. We make a lot of interactions with each other. But at that moment, what we don’t care to think about are the impressions they leave on us. We mostly forget about most of them and some of them leave a lasting impression on us. And with only a few of them, we create a lasting relation for the lifetime.

Living with these people changes our lifestyle totally. We can be crazy around them doing stupid things, sharing each and every moment of our life. They become that part of our life without which all the fun of our life would count to null. For right now, I can’t even find words to describe these special people because even words are incomplete to define these incredible people. Friends we call them. But I would call them a dysfunctional family.

We had interactions, we made relations. But the most important thing to count on was the promise to stay together no matter what comes in between, no matter what the situation is.

I was going through the Daily Prompts on The Daily Post to find out to write something. Had been busy with my project so wasn’t able to devote my time to the blog. But while going through different prompts, I got myself through a prompt asking to write about the most important person in my life. I would consider myself lucky for not having one, but four most important people in my life who have influenced me to my best and made me what I am today.

To be true, I have learnt so many things and values from these guys. I don’t think I would have learnt anything if I hadn’t met these beautiful people. Not even learning, I have spent the most beautiful and amazing time with them that I can never explain in just words. I don’t know what intrigued me to write this post. Could be the feelings I had in my heart for them but wasn’t able to tell them. But through this small post, I wish to tell them that these people have always been the best I have got. No one can ever replace them. I had them all with my worst and with my best times. I can just never think of losing these guys ever.

With these small words, I dedicate this small post to my friends- Mukul, Kapil, Sandy, Abhi. You people mean a lot to me. And I promise I will stay by your side till I am alive.



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