Stop Following The Line…

There are people who don’t quite appreciate someone making an effort towards something new. According to their mentality, there’s a line which they have to follow. They act like there’s an ocean on both the sides of the line and if they won’t follow it they will drown themselves in the ocean of shame and die. But they fail to understand that there’s also a life beyond that line. There is a different world where they can explore new possibilities of living their life, where they can improve their personalities, where they can actually try to become someone who they actually are. They can know what their desires are, what they really want. Where they can identify themselves as humans and not robots who are bound to follow that dazed line.

Let them know...

But people choose to be those robots and continue to go the same way. Maybe because they have been born and bought up in a world where people don’t have time to identify themselves. Where they actually “Google Up” adjectives to define what kind of human beings they are. They pretend to know everything, to know every good and bad for themselves and continue to live that monotonous life with made up literature defining the goals of their lives. But in reality they don’t have even a tad bit of knowledge about how beautiful life can be leaving behind all those materialistic luxuries and accepting something new.

These people continue to enter our lives and with their so-called “Expertise”, try to suppress our dreams, our way of perception and term every new trend as useless and a waste of time. If it isn’t benefiting you, it’s a waste of time in their eyes. And what are we supposed to do? We should probably stop improving ourselves and stop experiencing any new trends because yes, it’s a waste of time. And obviously, we aren’t getting any benefit out of it.


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