Where’s The Way Out…??

Life is more or less like a river. It may flow to its being, experience ups and downs like springs and gorges. Provides the resting place for the beautiful fishes of your life – your friends and family, for the relations to grow, to nurture and to experience the best. It may also lead to the genesis of a peninsula – the gateway, with richer experience and an approach towards a different lifestyle and the perception towards the same.

But sometimes, it may take a different course, a meander, to head nowhere. Everything in life seems to be going towards the infinite. It feels like whichever way you would go, would be the wrong way and you might end up doing and being something you weren’t supposed to be.

Every person feels like this at some or the other point of time. Even I did. That time was the most difficult time for me and would be for anyone else experiencing the same. Things feels like they are totally messed up. You don’t get what you expect. You expect the things to go on the way you want them to be. But in this case, it feels impossible. And the worst part, you can’t think of any way, to get back the things in place, where they are supposed to be. Whatever you start doing or think of doing, seems to be going the wrong way and giving nothing in return but failure. That’s what our minds starts to simulate. Even though we’re still left to actually make a step in.

Why does this happen? Probably, one reason for this is our own dependency on others, on which we rely so much, that we forget what we ought to do. With dependency, I don’t mean the monetary dependency or any other stuff like this. With it I mean the situations where you think you can only succeed, only if the other person will have an influence on you or the thing you’re going to do. The situations where you underestimate your calibre of doing something without someone’s help. And these situations actually make you weaker and lowers your confidence

To be true, I still haven’t understood these situations very well. I mean there could possibly be other reasons as well which lead people to enter the labyrinth of confusion and to find the perfect way out. For a person like me, who loves to invite these kind of situations, knowing the reasons to it may help avoiding them to the far. What possible reasons could you think of the same? Do share your experiences and thoughts over it. There are certain solutions to these situations as well. I might share them with you in the next post. And if you have been in a certain situation like this, just don’t let the clouds of depression come over you. Just remember “BE YOURSELF!! AND DON’T EVER UNDERESTIMATE WHAT YOU CAN DO. JUST LET THE IDEA FLOW IN, AND DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET IT COMPLETED. YOU MAKE YOUR OWN WAY…”

Self Confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how great you are if you can’t see it yourself?


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