The Small Thing That Inspired Me…

“Blog?? Are you kidding me? Seriously?”

This was my first reaction when my friend asked me to write a blog. Even I had no reason for my reaction to be any different from this. At that very instant, I had no other thought in my mind. I was just thinking, either he is fooling me, or he is way too serious about me writing a blog. Because he had seen me writing many a times, he thought of giving this idea to me. Though someone had already offered me to do content writing for his site once, but I refused. Didn’t have enough confidence I guess. And now, Writing a blog, Whoa!! Definitely out of my league.

So what actually changed my mind?

On my way home from college, perhaps, all day long, I kept thinking, “Can I do this?” I just couldn’t think of anything else. It was like a big break for me. After all, all your social contacts reading your content on a website, isn’t a small thing. I couldn’t even deny the fact that they might judge me for what I write. I might have to face a lot of criticism that may spoil my social status. Moreover, this engineering what I am doing right now, in itself is already a big load on my head, where I have a lot to think about, a lot to care about and a lot to worry about.

I finally made my mind, LEAVE IT!! It was never going to happen. I turned back to my regular hobby of YouTube-ing Β and web surfing. And that’s where it all got started. I came across a series of articles, and, I must say, reading them was the biggest good I ever did to myself. What was there in the articles? What all they had for me? Answers to all these questions are going to remain unanswered for a while. But trust me, if just a mere piece of writing being read once can change a mind about what it had to do, a few moments of thinking about it can create a majority. Just like I got to know what I had to do. And this was it.

This post being the first blog post is totally off topic. This is probably not what you’re going to get in here. The purpose of sharing all the blog starting thing was to let you know, that like I got inspired from a very small thing about what I had to do, there are millions of those small things, which can inspire anyone of you and create new opportunities for you. You just need to find those moments. And yes, you can’t do this, until you are positive enough to find them. Because our thoughts, if strong enough, can influence our external events. But then, you don’t know…


16 thoughts on “The Small Thing That Inspired Me…

  1. Well done πŸ™‚ Blogging is where you actually pen down your thoughts in the best possible way ! Congrats on having one πŸ™‚


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