The Giggle That Taught Me About Life

There are some days in your life when you feel like you have finally woken up from the sleep of abysmal ignorance, Some events that you experience which open a new outlook of reasoning in your mind, the situations that teach you the value of your surroundings and the people around you and how they influence you and your actuality as a part of an operative society. And before this could happen, you don’t even realize the worth of those people who might be breathing under the fire of a thousand suns. Living their lives in profound darkness despite having light all around.

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He Got Back Up…

And this was one of his tireless sleepless nights. Changing sides restlessly as he lied on the bed. Tiny drops of sweat dripping down from the top of his head towards the pillow. Eyes wide open. His eye-balls moved in the spontaneous motion as he concentrated towards the ticking sound of the clock. Something deep was going on in his head. His thoughts flashed in front of his eyes at the speed of light…

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